Switching To Lunchtime Runs

I have been struggling to get up in the morning in time to go for a run before work. To be fair this would mean that I would have to wake up at about 5:20am and at this time of the year that time in the morning still feels like the middle of the night and is really cold. For this reason I have decided to switch to running at lunchtime at least until the weather gets a bit better.

This does come with a few issues however. Firstly it means that there is a risk of people at work seeing me running. This is not the worst thing in the world but I am not the thinest at the moment and running clothes are not particularly flattering.

Secondly, there are a lot more people around where I work than on my usual running routes which means that it is more likely that people will get in my way and I will have to stop. Once I have stopped running, ever for just a second I really struggle starting again. It feels as though all of my energy has been sucked out and I really struggle for the rest of the run. In addition to this, it is difficult for me to find a way of avoiding roads and these cause the same issues are people for me.

Thirdly, as this is not where I normally run I have no idea on where to run to get the distance that I want. As a result of this I ended up running pretty much in circles this lunchtime to try and make up a bit of extra distance before decided that I have done this too much and people might think I am being suspicious. Consequently I only managed to do 4.4km instead of my intended 5km.

Finally, I have to use the showers in my office. It feels very odd to take a shower in the middle of the work day and it is also a rather awkward experience.

However, I am sure that all of this will get easier with time. I just have to stick with it.

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