Challenge Week 1

Although this week was a short week it still felt longer than most. I think that the main reason for this is staying up so late on New Years eve but also going back to work after a couple of weeks off and exercising more than usual. There were a couple of nights this week where I just wanted to fall asleep on the sofa when I got home from work.

This week I managed to do 23.45km over 3 runs, this means that I am slightly behind on my target but nothing that I can’t catch up one once I am less tired and more used to running regularly. In addition to this my knee has been feeling a bit stiff the last couple of days so I have been taking it a bit easier to ensure that I don’t cause myself any injuries which may lead to me being unable to run for a week or longer.

This tiredness has meant that my diet hasn’t been the best this week. It has been a lot better than it was over the Christmas and new year period but I have still had a bit of junk food and chocolate. in addition to this I did have a take away on Friday because by this time in the week I was feeling exhausted.

despite this week not going completely according to plan I think that I did achieve quite a lot. I managed to knock some miles off my target, I ate somewhat better than I did in the last few weeks and I managed to lose 0.8lbs.

Next week the plan is to stick to what I have been doing and make some more progress towards my goals and hopefully not be as tired as I was this week.


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