1,000 Mile Challenge Day 1

So last night was New Years Eve and although I didn’t drink all that much and I didn’t got to any wild parties or anything I did stay up till gone 3 am. This means that not only did I not wake up till late on in the morning but also I was still exhausted when I did wake up which is not the bast way to start a challenge like this I am sure.

The first thing that I did this morning when I finally managed to to get up was to take some starting measurements. I will be updating these periodically throughout this challenge and are currently as below:

Weight: 211.6 lbs

Hips: 128cm, waist: 111cm, Bust:111.5cm

I also managed to get up the motivation to go for an early afternoon run. It was difficult to get the motivation but once I had set off it felt really nice to be out in fresh air. I think that a lot of people had a similar idea and my running route was rather crowded in the beginning but once I got about 1.5km out it was pretty much deserted which for me is the best running environment.

In the end I managed to run for 10.10km. This means that I don’t have to run at all tomorrow. I do plan on trying to get a short run in but I have a feeling that it is going to be difficult to get up early enough to do this because I am back to work from tomorrow which means I would need to wake up at 5:30am or earlier if I wanted to get any exercise in. I have a feeling that this might be a big ask after staying up so late last night/this morning but we will see.

I have also made an effort today to eat healthy so I feel as though we are off to a great start.

6.3 miles done, 993.7 miles to go!

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