Recovery Day

The cold that has been threatening to come on for the last almost a week has finally hit. I don’t get ill very often which is probably a good thing because when I do get ill I have a tendency to try and carry on as though I am not ill. Part of this is probably because I am generally busy most of the time and I don’t want to sacrifice time to being ill.

This morning even though I was feeling awful and had hardly slept all night I got up and ready to go for a run. luckily before I left the house my boyfriend reasoned with me and got me to reconsider. The fact is that at that point I wasn’t able to breath normally without having a coughing fit so it would have been a terrible idea to go for a run.

I know that this will put me behind my target at the moment but there is still a lot of the year left and I intend on doing a few half marathon length runs later in the year so it will be easy for me to catch up. It is more important that I take the time now to get better. I have therefore spent today looking after myself with plenty of rest, plenty of fluids and plenty of nutritious food. I am hoping that I will be back on it either tomorrow or Thursday.


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