Week 6 – Bad Week

This week has been pretty bad for me, I have been ill for pretty much all of it and that has had a huge impact on me in terms of both diet and exercise. Being ill has also meant that I have been working from home all week which means that I haven’t even been getting my usual steps of cycling in.

I haven’t been able to run this week due to this illness and trying to do so would have probably just made me worse or delayed my recovery. I don’t like being this far behind on my target but I am going to do my best not to let it get to me. I have plans for longer runs as the year goes on and as my fitness increases I am planing to do longer runs in the week also. Given this I should be able to catch up with my target by the end of March if not before.

My diet also haven’t been that great this week, I have felt hungry pretty much the whole time (which I put down to being ill and feeling sorry for myself) which has meant that my food choices have probably not been the best.

With all of this considered it is probably quite surprising that I have stayed the same with regards to weight and measurements. I was expecting that this week might have seen at least a little bit of weight gain.

I am however starting to feel a lot better now so I am hoping that next week will go a lot better than this. I have a day off tomorrow so I think I will start off the week with a longer than normal run to get things moving in the right direction.

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