New Week, Feeling Better

It is a new week and I am starting to feel a lot better. I still have a bit of a cough but that is all that seems to be left of the illness that I had all of last week. I am very happy to be feeling well again.

I had Monday off work so I used this as an opportunity to do a longer run (only 7km but this is still more than my usual 5km on a week day). It also meant that I could wait till daylight to go for my run which is nice. I am looking forward to when all of my runs will be in daylight, I really don’t enjoy running in the dark.

I have run both days this week so far, I am hoping that I can keep the momentum up for the rest of the week (or most of it at least) so that I can make up for a few of the miles that I missed last week due to illness.

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