Valentine’s Day

I am not a particularly romantic person so today is probably the idea valentine’s day for me.

I managed to wake up early so that I could do a 5km run before work, when I got back home my boyfriend has left some presents on my desk. This is prefect for me as I am not a huge fan of fuss and I especially hate getting too much attention. There is always someone in my office that gets flowers or something brought to them at their desk and I honestly couldn’t think of anything worse, I would be so embarrassed if that happened to me!

After getting home from a normal day at work I am now having a nice normal night in. As an introvert this is exactly where I want to be. Going out for a meal for me is tiring and stressful and I would much rather stay in and have a home cooked meal with my boyfriend. People seem to expect you to do something special for events like valentines day but I really don’t see the point in doing something that I would rather not do to fall in line with the expectations of others.

That is why I am spending my evening drinking tea or of my new panda mug, eating sweets and typing away on my keyboard.

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