Relaxing Long Run

During the week my running is quite restricted. I have to make sure that I get out for my run in the morning as if I leave it till after work then more often than not I would be too tired or find some other excuse to not go for a run. Although morning runs are a go way of ensuring that I get the exercise in they do mean that I have to restrict the amount of time that I can spend running so that I don’t end up being late for work.

On Saturdays however I have a lot more time which I can give to running, this means that I am able to do a longer run. It also means that I can go for a run in the daylight and enjoy some of the countryside around the place where I live. I live in an area where I am never too far away from the countryside and green space which means that I am spoilt for choice in that respect.

I find this time really helpful for me. It helps me to reduce my stress levels as well as giving me time to think and come up with new ideas for my writing.

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