Week 7 – Getting Back To It

This week was my first week back after nearly a week off regarding diet and exercise due to illness. This meant that I was starting the week with a milage deficit of around 20miles.

When I started this journey I knew that there would be times when things like this would happen so I was prepared for it and I wasn’t going to let it weight too heavily on my mind. The important thing now was to increase my weekly milage without pushing myself too hard so that I might burn out or get injured.

This week I have managed to do 31.6km of running, this is over where I would need to be   for a week but not by a huge amount. This means that I have started the work of getting back on target but I have also not pushed myself too hard on the first week of returning to exercising. I think that this strikes a good balance of getting the miles in but also looking after my body.

Next week I am planning to aim for the same if not slightly higher milage but also focusing more on improving my diet. This week my diet has been quite poor (too much food mostly but also a few poor choices) as I have mostly been focusing on getting back to regular exercise. Next week however I am going to try to make better choices.

I think overall this has been a good week and I am feeling much better, it feels good to be back running again.

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