Spring is coming?

I have noticed that since Saturday the weather has been a lot milder. This better weather makes a lot of things about running easier, it means that I no longer need worry about things like ice and snow. However, it does mean that I am feeling a lot warmer on my runs. The weather isn’t warm enough for me to consider wearing less clothes or thinner clothes yet as it still feels rather cold at the start of my runs but I have had to take one of my layers off mid run a couple of times.

In many ways I prefer running when it is colder rather than when it is hotter, I particularly find running in the summer difficult. This is because I have a tendency to heat up quite a lot when I am running, for this reason I don’t really like running with anything on my arms or shoulders (outside of winter anyway). When I am running in summer I quite often get so warm that I go bright red and everyone asks me if I am ok even when I am not even pushing that hard on my run.

Having said this there are a number of benefits to running in the warmer months. Firstly, the flowers and the leaves start coming out which is much more interesting to look at than bare trees and bushes. There is also generally more animals around, more birds and baby bunnies, this is always nice to see when you are on a run.

In addition to this I have also noticed that it is starting to get light towards the end of my morning runs. Soon it will be light for all of my morning runs, this will not only make it much easier for me to get up in the mornings but it will also mean that I can take more rural runnings routes and be able to take in some of the scenery while I am running.

It feels very much as though spring is just around the corner and I am looking forward to  getting out and enjoying it.

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