New Activity Tracker – Apple Watch!

For a while now I have been using two activity trackers at the same time. One of these trackers was really good at tracking my steps but would over estimate my run distance by about 10%. The other one was terrible at tracking steps but was accurate in terms of running distance. This means that I was using one tracker for my steps and the other for my exercise. This may seem odd but as someone who’s job is working with data, inaccurate data is a real issue for me.

This week however I got an Apple Watch and I was very happy to find that it is accurate for both steps and distance. This means that I can happily go to waring one tracker for everything without feeling as though the data that it is giving out is not at a sufficient quality. This may seem like a little thing to other people but it is huge for me and it will make my life so much easier!

The only limitation that I have found with regards to the Apple Watch for exercise and activity tracking is the analytics that it spits out are not very extensive. Having said this, that has been an issue for me in the past with every tracker and app that I have tried. I am getting to the stage where I feel as though I need to create my own site/app which will give me the analytics that I want. Maybe at some point this year I will get round to that.

The Apple Watch is also a lot more than just an activity tracker. It integrates really easily with my phone and does a bunch of things that I didn’t even know I would want my watch to do until now. Generally I am very happy with my new device even though I am still getting to grips With it and working out what it can do.

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