The Benefits of Morning Runs

A couple of weeks back I moved back from lunchtime to morning runs and I have found that this is a much better set up for me. Although it is still really difficult waking up so early in morning when it is still dark and cold there are still a number of benefits.

If I am trying to fit in a run later in the day such as over lunch or after work, it is so much easier for things to get in my way. On a busy week like the one I had this week I would have found it very difficult to run on a lunchtime due to meetings and work getting in the way. There were a few days where I had meeting either side of an hour for lunch this week, if I had been trying to fit in a run and food this would have been pretty much impossible.

In addition to this, it is much harder to motivate myself later in the day. It is so easy to find excuses to not go out for a run. It is harder to do this when you are running before your day has really started. This means, providing that I am not too tired to get up at all I will be going for a run.

I am hoping this will only get easier for me to do as the mornings get warmer and lighter.

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