I’m Not The Fastest

I know quite a few runners and I think all of them run at a faster pace than I do at the moment. I am not saying that this is always owing to be the case but at the moment I am still in the processes of improving my fitness levels and that means that I am still pretty slow on my runs.

This isn’t something that bothers me so much, I can see how I am improving over time and that is good enough for me. However, it does mean that I am a little bit hesitant to run with other people. If I try to keep up with other people this would and that I would be running too fast for my current fitness level which will mean I have to take more rest days, if I run my pace then they will not be getting the workout that you would want. Either way this is not ideal.

On the same note I am not at a stage where I want to be competing with other people. I know that I will be a lot slower than most people at the moment so a race type of event would be rather depressing at the moment. I am hoping that this will change in a few months time and I can start taking part in a few organised races. I am hoping that this kind of thing will help me to keep motivation and help me with my training in general by giving me something else to work towards.

The fact is however, I don’t ever think that I will be near the front of a race. I have always been more of a distance runner, I seem to do really well at maintaining a constant pace over longer distances and periods of time rather than being fast and I dont see this changing.

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