So Tired But I am Still Trying

The other night I had a really bad nights sleep, the kind of sleep where you wake up once an hour from about 1 am. I was already awake when my alarm went off so I decided that I may as well go out for a run rather than just laying awake.

It was the hardest run that I have done for a long while, I was so tired that it was a really struggle just to keep going. This meant that my pace was a lot slower than my usual and even when I tried to go faster  I couldn’t make myself do it. However, I manged to complete my run and that helped me to feel more awake for the rest of the day.

I managed to get a better nights sleep last night and even had a bit of a lay in this morning but even given this I am still feeling tired and a bit lethargic. It is odd that one night of disrupted sleep can take a few days for you to catch up from. I am hoping however that I will start to feel more like my normal self tomorrow.

I am still going for my long run today, I am hoping that this will be easier than my run yesterday but either way it is good to get some miles in and to keep moving.

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