Week 10 – A Better Week

Last week was better week for me in many ways but I am still feeling very exhausted. I have been really busy lately and that has not been very helpful as it makes everything feel more difficult (including running).

Even though I have been feeling very tired I still managed to get out for my runs and on Saturday I managed to run for over 11km. My runs have been quite slow for most of this week (even for me) due to the weather being bad and me not getting great sleep but I am still managing to keep going. I feel therefore that this week has been rather successful.

For the last week, I have been trying to increase the length of my weekday runs so that I can have an extra rest day every week. This means that I will be running 7km three times a week and 10km for one day on the weekend going forward. I am hoping that by taking an extra day a week off it will mean that I have more time for my body to recover between my runs so that I don’t end up getting injured.

I also have a week off work coming up after this week. I am really looking forward to taking the time off as I can use the time to make up some of the miles that I missed out on when I was ill as well as giving me some time to relax and recharge. After a week off next week I am hoping that I can come back even stronger and faster.

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