Reducing My Sugar Intake

I generally find it quite difficult to get though the afternoon without having a few snacks. This is because I when I am getting up at just gone 5am I need to have an early lunch. This then means that I am getting hungry again by 2:30-3pm and I need to have a snack or two so that I have the energy to cycle home and walk the dog.

It is really easy to grab the easy snacks of crisps, chocolate or a snack bar but all of these options are either packed with sugar or fat and in some cases both. This means that by the time that I get home from work I am already hungry again.

This week I have decided to try and move away from these unhealthy snacks and onto more natural snacks. This means I am restricting myself to fruit, nuts and dried fruit for my afternoon snacks.

This seems to be really helping me with my energy levels and my hunger levels for the afternoon. These is just one major flaw, I am now hugely craving sugar. I am sure that this is probably just because my body is used to getting far more sugar than is probably good for it but it is really hard not to give into the cravings. I am hoping that these will start to go away shortly, wish me luck!

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