Today Was Not A Good Day

Today started out well enough, I managed to get up early to go for a run. I managed to run for a little bit over 6km even though it was very windy and a bit rainy outside. My commute into work was also pretty standard and uneventful (there was a bit of flooding on the cycle path near the river but not so much that it effected my commute).

My issue however is that I was having a bit of a bad day in terms of social anxiety. This means that I spent most of my day over analysing everything that I was saying and thinking that everything I was saying was incorrect.

To try and get over this I decided to walk around the city centre and go into a few shops on my lunch hour. This turned out to be a really bad idea as all of the shops were filled with Mothers day gifts and cards. This means that instead of just being anxious I ended up feeling anxious and sad.

I guess I should avoid the city centre for a few weeks……

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