Antisocial Runner?

A lot of people that I know seem to really dislike running alone and much prefer to meet up with a few friends when they go for their run. For me however I enjoy running alone, this time by myself and away from the distractions of everyday life gives me time to think about things such as story ideas or to listen to a podcast.

I don’t feel the need to try and compete with other people. Although I can be quite competitive at times I am only ever really competitive with myself. I like to see how I improve over time in terms of speed and fitness.

Having said this however, I do want to do some races throughout this year as they will help me to keep motivation and give me a sense of achievement. I think it will be really difficult for me to push myself to run further than 10-12km without a purpose. Even during these races however I will not be trying to beat any of the people around me, I will be pretty much ignoring them and trying to keep to my optimal pace.

Maybe this means I am antisocial or maybe this just means that running means something different for me than it does for a lot of people, I am not sure.

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