Running In Nature

This week my morning runs have been a lot more interesting than they have been up to this point. This is mostly because this week my morning runs have been in daylight but are still early enough for there not to be many people around.

Being this quiet means that there is a lot more wildlife around than there would be later in the day. On my run this morning I saw a pheasant, a deer and lots of rabbits. Having wildlife around me to look at when I am running is a good way of distracting myself and making me feel more positive which in turn helps me to run for longer.

I am also finding that having light when I wake up at 5am makes it a lot easier for me to get out of bed in the morning than it is when it is still dark outside. This is even despite the fact that I am still quite tired due to hay fever and going back to work this week (after  having last week off). This means that this week is going well so far in terms of exercise.

I am also doing quite in terms of my diet so far this week but as as it is my boyfriends birthday this weekend I don’t see this lasting to the end of the week.

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