Hay fever Season

As spring is now never so is my hay fever. In some ways I am lucky to get hay fever early in the year because it means that by the middle of summer I am mostly free of symptoms. However, it does make this time of year even more miserable than it would otherwise be.

At the moment my nose and eyes are constantly feeling itchy and I keep sneezing. It also means that I feel more tired than I otherwise would do because my symptoms can impact on my sleep.

The worst think about hay fever for me is that I can’t really take antihistamines. In the last few years I have not been able to get hold of any antihistamines which are non-drowsy. This is not great because if I take any antihistamines which are not non-drowsy I will be unable to keep my eyes open within 30 about thirty minutes.

This means that the only medication I can practically take is non-medicated nasal sprays.  This helps to prevent the sneezing and nose itching but does nothing about my itchy eyes.

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