I Need More Numbers

I am the sort of person that finds statistics of and numbers on my fitness very motivating. I like to have information about how I am doing daily/weekly/monthly compared to how I was doing yesterday/last week/last month.

I have tried many health and fitness apps in the past but I have never found any that give me what I want. Most apps seem to be focused either on your daily goals or on competing with others rather than being set up for longer goals or to give you insights on how you are doing compared to other points in time.

I feel like this lack of numbers is starting to affect my motivation at the moment. I am still motivated in terms of running but I have found over the last month or so that I am not walking as much as I normally do.

This makes me think that rather than trying to find an app or site that is going to give me everything that I want I am just going to make one for myself. I guess this means that I am going to have to spend the next few weeks learning to code in swift!

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