Life is Precious

I always find it surprising the amount of risks people take with their own life, I am not talking about the big things so much. It is more the small everyday things like speeding or not getting the recommended medial checks or eating poorly or smoking.

Most people don’t take these things seriously, they think that nothing bad will happen to them. Some people even go as far as to say that the figures for diseases or accidents are inflated.

I don’t understand these arguments. The changes that we are talking about here may seem to be big but really when you put them in the context of your life they are really very small. Losing someone close to you puts these things into a whole different context. Now when I see people smoking or otherwise acting recklessly I find it really upsetting.

when I was cycling home this afternoon down a bit of road where I often see people speeding or driving recklessly, I saw a car that had been in an accident. I hope that nobody was seriously injured in the crash.

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