Hard Work

You may have been able to tell from my posts over the last few weeks that my diet hasn’t been the best and that I have put on a bit of weight. Although this isn’t a huge amount of weight it is enough for me to notice it when I am exercising.

I have noticed that cycling and running feel like much harder work than it was a month or so ago. This is not great and is just compounding the issue as the harder it is for me to work out the less energy I have to keep active and the more weight I could end up putting on.

I have decided that I am going to stop this right here! I am going to stop over eating and put more effort into being generally active, meaning that I will be trying to walk more when I am not running or cycling so that I can increase the calories I burn during the day. I know that this is going to be tiring as I will be pushing my body more than I have been recently but I think I just need to do this now before it can get any worse.

I am hoping that over the next month I can drop enough weight so that exercising becomes easier for me again. wish me luck!

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