Diet Starts Today!

As of today I am going back to tracking my calories. This is something that I haven’t done consistently for quite a while but last time that I did this it worked really well for me and I managed to lose quite a bit of weight.

My plan is that with eating a bit better and walking a bit more I can get my weight to a better level in a couple of months. I will be aiming to eat around 2,000 calories as this should still be enough to exercise without feeling too bad. This does mean that I will not be losing weight at the fastest rate possible but I think that it is a good balance.

losing a bit of weight should also help me with running because I can generally run faster when my weight is a bit lower. I have a race coming up in a few months (and a few more that I would like to sign up for) and I would like to be able to beat my previous race paces.

hopefully these next few weeks will go well but I will keep you all updated.

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