Rainy Week

This weeks it has been raining where I live pretty much every day so far this week but despite this I have still been making sure that I get out for a walk at least once a day and keeping to my healthy eating routine.

I have been trying to keep my snacking to a minimum this week. Evenings are the worst for me but by keeping the house relatively free of snack foods I have managed to avoid the temptation over over eating. This is probably mainly because it would be a bit of a walk in order for me to get hold of any of this type of food but either way I am taking this as a victory.

Work has been really busy but I have still managed to get in a walk on most lunchtimes which has helped me to be keep active. between that and cycling I think that I have done quite well in terms of exercise this week.

I am hoping that my hard work will pay off in the number on the scale when I weigh in tomorrow.

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