Balanced Diet

I have been eating healthy and trying to lose weight for the last few weeks. It has been going quite well so far and to date I have lost over 5 lbs so today I decided to treat myself by having a vegan burger and a few chips for lunch.

Unlike in the past however this doesn’t mean that I took a day away from my diet. Instead I was careful to measure everything and not too go overboard in what I was eating. It was still indulgent for a lunchtime meal but I was able to offset this by going for a long walk later in the afternoon and having a healthy evening meal.

I am going to try and be good for the rest of the week however and make sure that I eat plenty of healthy food and get plenty of exercise. I hope that having the odd indulgent meal will help me to keep up my motivation on this weight loss journey because I have quite a long way still to go to reach my goal.

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