Back To Work Blues

I am back at work again and now, the first few days back at work are never amazing but I think it is even worse when you don’t have any time booked off to look forward to coming up.

I am planning on not taking any time off now until around about December, this means that I will be able to take a reasonable chunk of time off for Christmas but it also means that I will have to be working non-stop for the next 5 months which is quite intimidating.

Although my sleep pattern didn’t really change much while I was off work I am still finding that I am feeling quite tired on the evenings. I think that this is because I am being more physically and mentally active than I was last week. I am hoping that I will feel more like myself in a few days and get my energy back to where it was.

I am sure that after a few days of eating well and getting plenty of rest I will feel much better.

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