I have had this last week off work and I have to admit that I have not been able to do a lot of exercise this week. At the start of the week it was pouring down with rain every day and at the end of the week it was far too hot to do much that was very active.

I managed to keep sort of active however by doing a Buch of things around the house that  I have been meaning to do for a while. although this is not idea it does feel good to get these things done and it did mean that I didn’t spend all of the week sitting around doing nothing so that was also good.

Next week however I will be getting back to exercising more frequently and eating better. I haven’t been bad this week in terms of food but then again I haven’t been the best either. I have been focusing mainly on not overeating or snacking too much rather than what I am eating so next week I am going to focus on eating more fruit and vegetables.

I am also hoping that the weather next week will be a bit more normal so I can get outside a bit more during the day. I am back at work next week but that will not stop me from getting out and about during the week.

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