It’s Too Warm

I am not enjoying the weather where I live at the moment. It is the middle of summer and it is quite warm and sunny. Most people tend to really like this kind of weather but for me it is really bad because not only do I seem to be allergic to summer (hay fever and bug bites particularly) but I also burn really easily.

in addition to this I like to be quite active (plenty of walking and cycling at the least) but this kind of weather makes these things more difficult for me. I find that I am quite prone to over heating when I am exercising generally, this heat makes it unbearable so I have to do less of these things.

This kind of weather also makes it more difficult for me to sleep well on an evening. Quite often I will wake up in the morning feeling like I have hardly had any sleep at all even though I have had about 7 hours of sleep.

I am glad that at least where live it isn’t usual for this weather to continue for more than a few weeks and that in a few months it will my favourite time of year. Bring on the cooler weather please.

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