Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Exercise

For the last couple of weeks it has been really warm here, having this kind of weather over such a long period is quite unusual for the UK and I am really not accustomed to it. I think I am probably most adapted to cool or cold weather, at least then you can just add extra layers to warm yourself up. When you are feeling too warm it is much harder to cool yourself down.

With this amount of heat it is really difficult to do anything active. This makes it very difficult for someone like me (who heats up substantially when I am doing any kind of exercise) to exercise. Even doing simple things like going for a walk or cycling to work are difficult.

Despite this I have been making the effort to still cycle to work and to still go for a walk during my lunch hour. I really should be training for a 10k race that I am going to be running in in a couple of weeks but I am struggling to run in this level of heat. Especially when it isn’t even that much cooler first think in the mornings.

What makes it worse is that last night at about 2am there was a thunderstorm which woke me up (probably because it was so hot that we had all the windows open). This means that I am now not only too warm but I am also sleep deprived.

I really hope that the weather gets cooler soon so that I can get back to focusing on my health a bit more.

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