Difficult Week

There was a lot going on this week for me which makes it difficult to stick to my plan of exercising more and eating less. It has been a busy week with work along with having an interview and my puppy being sick for the first time since we picked him up. I know that dogs and puppies get sick all the time but with him being so young it makes it difficult to see.

Despite this I have still managed to do relatively well at sticking to my plan. I have manged not to go over board with my snacking this week and I have also cut out fizzy drinks in favour of healthier alternatives. I have been tracking what I eat quite well this week but still not completely consistently so I will have to work on improving this into next week. I am however aware that I am still overeating at meal times and I am not always making the best choices.

I now have a new set of scales which means that I now have a more effective way of tacking my progress ready for next week. My weight at the moment is not in a great place but I am doing the right things now so I should see this moving in the right direction from now on. My aim is to lose about a pound per week but I am not going to beat myself up if I fall short of this goal as any improvements will be good for my health in the long run.

Next week I will be focusing on further improving my diet and the choices that I am making. I will also try to make sure that I am getting at lest 10,000 steps each day as at the moment in I am getting about 8,000 steps a day on average.

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