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This week I got back to tracking what I was eating after having quite a while away from it (and away from eating well too). Although I didn’t log everything perfectly this week I think that I made a good start at getting back into the habit of logging my food again.

I have had quite good weight loss results from logging my food in the past. Mainly because it makes me think more actively about what I am eating which makes it clear when I am eating too much or choosing the wrong foods. In the last I have lost about 40lbs by taking the approach.

Although I am trying not to think too much about focused weight loss at the moment, I would like to be able to lose weight in the long run. Ideally I would like to lose about 50lbs to get down to a weight where I am happy and healthy. I am in no rush to get there however so I am happy to do this slowly over the next year or so. Hopefully that I way I can maintain at my goal weight.

I did quite well this week with eating better meals and snacking my more healthy choices. I think that my main issue at the moment is my lack of exercise. Over the next few weeks I am going to make sure that I keep up with the healthier food choices while also trying to slowly increase the amount of exercise that I do. I am going to start off by walking more each day before doing more focused exercise.

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