Work Christmas Meal

Today was my works Christmas dinner and although I didn’t stay out late or have much to drink I am still not feeling great after this. I am feeling very bloated and full. So much so that I left quite quickly after the meal part of the evening had finished and before people had started drinking and socialising properly.

I think that part of the issue is that I am not used to having so many courses at one time. In fact I hardly ever have either either a starter of a dessert let alone having both. The other issue is that I don’t really eat a lot of rich food. I am not the sort of person that enjoys going out for meals, being in public sets off my social anxiety so I tend to avoid it if I can. This means that I am used to cooking my own meals most of the time and as I like to try to eat healthy we don’t make a lot of high fat meals.

Normally I try to stay out a little bit longer but I really wasn’t feeling that great and the amount of food was also making me feel quite tired so I decided to call it a night early. This also gave me an excuse to come home and cuddle the puppy.

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