Happy New Year

Now that Christmas and New Years Eve are over it is the perfect time to focus on getting healthy again. The last couple of years have not been great for me on that front due to what happened with my mum and then my dog, then getting a puppy who needed all of my attention meaning I couldn’t do much exercise. This have now settled down a bit and are getting back to normality which means that I should be able to do much better this year in terms of my fitness.

One of my aims this year is to lose enough weight to get back into a health BMI range. This is something that I haven’t been in for a rather long time and will involve me losing about 55lbs. As I am not planning on doing anything drastic or taking part in any fad diets this might be more than I can lose in 1 year but I should be able to get quite close and any loss in weight should help me to be more healthy.

There is only one issue with starting to eat health in January as a vegan: veganuary. At this time of year a lot of places are launching new food options for vegans and most of these new options are not healthy. However, it is difficult to say no to these as a lot of them start disappearing after January which means if I want to try them I have to do it now.

I have a few other goals and things that I would like to achieve this year which are not related to health and fitness. This year is probably going to be a busy year for me but hopefully it will also be a productive year.

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