Increasing Exercise When I Can’t Run

When I have been eating healthy in the past I have done quite a bit of exercise along side it and most of this has been quite high intensity exercise and has usually included running in one way or another. At the moment however I can’t run because one of my knees hasn’t been right for a while and I don’t want to make this worse by doing a lot of running on it.

I have been trying to increase my activity level in others ways though. I am trying to make sure that I get more steps in during the day and trying to make sure that I sit down a bit less than I normally would. This should be enough for me to lose weight but it isn’t the best in terms of increasing my fitness levels.

I have put quite a lot of through into the best way of getting in more exercise without the exercise causing too much strain on my joints. My current plan is that I focus for a few weeks on just increasing my daily activity levels and losing a bit of weight. Once I have got this to a better level I will start to include other exercises such as swimming and yoga.

I would like to get back into running but I am going to leave it a while before I try this again so that I don’t cause any more damage to my knees.

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