Resisting Temptation

This week I have had a lot of things going on and I have been quite busy for the last few days. Normally when I have a few days like this I have a habit of going for the easy food options as well as mindlessly snacking on crisps and chocolate in the evenings.

This week however I have managed to avoid doing this even though we have had both crisps and chocolate easily available in the house. I have managed to stick to just having one small pack of crisps a day (or none on some days) rather than having 3 or 4 which is what I would normally do.

I have also managed to stick to having healthier meals on a lunchtime and an evening although my potion sizes are still probably bigger than is ideal. I am taking things slowly, and I am hoping that I can continue to make small changes to make myself more healthy. I am sure that these small changes will soon add up to lager changes and a more healthy lifestyle.

I am hoping that managing to avoid snacking in this way will show with a good loss when I weigh myself again next week.

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