A Few Days Off

I have taken a few days off work so that I can have a bit of a longer weekend and I have been making to most of it by getting a Buch of stuff done around the house as well as getting out with the dog for some longer walks.

The weather has not been great but for this time of the year it hasn’t been too bad either. There has been less rain over the last few days that there has been over the last few months which has meant that I have been able to take him to some places which I have been avoiding up till now as they would be very muddy. They are still pretty muddy at the moment but at least I was able to walk there without getting stuck or falling over which was the biggest worry up till now.

My dog has really enjoyed being able to run around in the fields and explore new places over the last couple of days and that is really nice to see but I am still not able to let him off his lead yet. I am hoping that now we can go into the fields more easily we can start to train him in recall using his long line (when there are no other people or dogs around) so that eventually he can be off lead in some situations but this is going to be a long process I think.

I am hoping that being more active like this will prove to be a great help for my weightless journey as well but if nothing else it has been great for my mental health.

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