Another lb Down

I have lost another lb this week. I would like to have lost a little bit more than this ideally but I am very happy to have lost what I have. I have not had a great week this week in terms of my diet, I still ate a lot better than I would normally eat but there were a few days when I certainly overate.

This means that I have now lost just over 5lbs in total. I am feeling the difference in terms of how my clothes are fitting although I am yet to notice a difference in how I look or in my fitness. I am sure that this will come in a few weeks time though as long as I stick with it.

This week I am focusing most on eating well and trying to make sure that I am drinking plenty of water. I have worked out that I am not really drinking enough water at the moment and as sometimes being thirsty can make you think that you are hungry when this is not the case I am hoping that drinking more will help me not to snack as much. We will see how well this work by the end of the week when I next weigh myself.

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