Stormy Weather

For the last few days the weather has been rather stormy here in the UK and with another storm due to be coming in the next few days, this is not going to stop any time soon. When the weather is bad like this it is easy to use it as an excuse to not do much but I have been determined not to do this.

I have been continuing on as normals despite the bad weather, meaning that I am taking to dog for lots of walks and cycling to work. This means that not only am I continuing to stay active but I am also getting more exercise than normal as I cycle against the wind.

There are however 2 issues with cycling in this weather, the first issue is that sometimes in the wind it can be difficult to keep upright. The second issue is that there is currently a lot of flooding in my city which means that rather than cycling on a safe cycle path I have to travel down a very busy road. As this road can get quite dangerous if it is too busy (as cars get very close to you and when it is windy it would be very easy for this to cause an accident) I tend to walk this part of the route.

I am really hoping that the weather will improve soon so that things can start getting back to normal.


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