Small Loss is Still a Loss

I only lost a small amount of weight this week (less than a pound) but I am still taking this as a positive step in the right direction. I had a bit of an indulgent weekend so any loss at all is really good for me.

This weekend was valentines day which meant that me and my partner decided that we would have a take away as a bit of a treat (neither of us are a fan of going out so it was much better for us to stay in and have a take away). We have been really good at cooking all our food from scratch for the last month so it felt good to have a bit of an indulgent meal.

I was actually surprised that after having this kind of indulgent meal at the weekend didn’t cause me to gain weight this week. I have really happy with how far I have come so far and I am even more determined to keep on going and lose more weight.

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