Sick of Miserable Weather

The weather have been consistently bad for over two weeks now and I really want it to be over now. We are getting towards spring now and I am looking forward to the weather to start reflecting this.

My city has been flooded for the last two weeks which is still causing issues for getting around. The winds are still causing a concern for our puppy (and have caused a lot of damage to our fence). Also all the interesting places for the puppy to go on a walk are very muddy so he has to keep having baths (which he is not a fan of).

I am not bothered about the weather getting warmer but I am really looking forward to lighter nights and drier weather. This should also help me along my weight loss journey as it will make it easier for me to get out and exercise more.

This last week I have lost almost another pound. The progress is slow but the scale is going in the right direction and that is the main thing that I need right now. As long as I can keep getting small losses every week I will eventually get to my goal and hopefully by doing this in a slow and consistent manner will mean that I will find it easier to maintain my weight when I get to my goal.

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