The UK has been on lockdown for over a week now. Although I am not generally speaking a social person and I prefer to work from home than to go into the office on most days this is still a big change to me.

Normally I go on a couple of walks with the dog every day and this has been cut down to one now. This means that I am missing out half of my daily activity, that combined with the fact I am not cycling to work and back anymore means that I am not getting nearly as much exercise as I normally would. I use walking as a way of relieving stress so being unable to do this at a time of high stress just makes it all seem more stressful.

On a positive note we have not had any issues getting hold of fresh fruit and vegetables so we are still able to eat a relatively healthy (even if I have been snacking a little too much). The only food that we haven’t been able to get from local small businesses (as we are avoiding big supermarkets where there will be lots of people and trying to support small local businesses at the moment) is bread and processed meat alternatives. This means that my diet is probably better at the moment than it usually is.

I have spent some time this morning making some plans how to maintain my fitness (of even get fitter) during this time when I can’t go out. I am planning to do at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, either in the form of yoga or body weight exercises. I am hoping that I can avoid putting on any weight during this time where the only time that I am going out is to walk the dog once a day.

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