Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend was a long bank holiday weekend and it was the strangest bank holiday weekend that I have ever experienced. I am not normally the type of person that will go out on day trips or holidays but on a weekend like this I would normally go on a few walks with my dog and my partner (2 or 3 times a day) at a few different places and also go to see my family.

This weekend however it was really warm and sunny (a rare event in the uk) but I was only able to go out once during the day and only locally. I am really glad at the moment that we have a garden that we can use to have additional exercise and to play with the dog and let him do his business.

This week coming I am planning to make good use of my garden and do almost an hour of working out each day. It is really hard to try to stay fit when you can’t go anywhere and you can’t go for a run (I have to save my one time a day outside so that I can walk my dog).

I have made a plan on what exercise I am going to do each day and I may even video what I am doing to help others who are having the same issues as me in this time.

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