The Lockdown Weight Gain

I (like many others I think) am currently strolling with a lack of motivation fuelled partially by not being able to get out and about in the daylight and partially by the stress of having daily bad news all around me.

I am really lucky that I personally haven’t been affected by tragedy so far in this pandemic but it is really hard for me to turn on my tv or my computer every day and see that more and more people are losing their lives or that of their families.

Seeing all of this happening all around me has made me turn to food for comfort more than I would like. I seem to have got into the habit of eating really well until about 6 or 7pm and then eating literally everything that I can get my hands on, which at the moment seems to be mostly crisps and nuts. I have also noticed that it has lead to me being a lot less productive in every element of my life than I usually would be as the stress is making it difficult for me to focus on anything else.

So far I have managed not to out any weight on, mostly due to making sure that I do almost an hour of walking a day (my one walk that I am allowed) with the dog and trying to be as active as I possibly can in the house and garden for the rest of the day. My weight loss however over the last couple of weeks has been non existent and I think that my fitness has probably suffered some as well recently.

Over the last couple of days I have been trying my best to limit my access to all of the negative messages around my by not watching the news and limiting the amount of time that I have spent on social media. So far this does seem to be helping, hopefully by doing this I will be able to focus on getting healthier and avoid putting on a lot of extra weight while ui am in lockdown!


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