Nice Weather and Comfort Eating

Even though I can’t go out very much I am really glad that we have been having some good weather over the last few weeks. Having warmer weather and sun shine means that I can open the windows and sit out in the garden or even just look outside and see sunshine and flowers. It is miserable enough not being able to get out and about but it would be so much worse having to look outside to see rain and overcast skies.

The forecast for the next few days is really positive, with lots of sun. Although I have work to do I feel as though the good weather might be a good reason for me to sit out in the garden with my laptop and make the most of the good weather while staying productive.

Speaking of productivity, I have been a lot more productive and less down this week. I finally feel as though I am getting the hang of this lockdown thing. Although I would not say that I am enjoying this situation, I have found that cutting myself off from the negativity of the news and limiting my time spent on social media has meant that I have been feeling a lot more positive and more like myself.

The one thing that I am still struggling with however is comfort eating. Although I have got a bit better on this front I am still eating way more crisps and chocolate than I am happy with. This is something that I want to focus on improving over the next few days so that I can start to feel better physically as well.

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