Diet Day 0

I don’t really like using the word diet because it has connotations of being this thing that people do for a small amount of time and then stop. However, I have a lot of weight to lose so I guess it is pointless to avoid it. Maybe I can start calling it something more cool like a lifestyle change when I drag myself out of the obese range!

I know that trying to lose weight oner the Christmas and new year period is not easy but I am big fan of doing things when I make the decision to do them. I think that if you put something off then you lose your drive and end up not doing it at all.

Today I weighed myself to get my starting weight. I am currently sitting at a disappointing 248.0lbs. I am not going to say how much of that I put on over the last almost 2 years since this pandemic started. Let us just say I didn’t realise how much of a stress eater I am, eek.

I will be aiming to lose about a pound a week for the rest of the year. I will then be increasing that through including more exercise from the start of next year. My ultimate aim is to lose about 100lbs. I know that it is going to take me a long time to reach my ultimate goal. Probably more than a year but I plan on making a few smaller goals to keep me motivated. My first mini goal is to get below 245lbs before the end of the year.

I will be giving regular updates with progress and honest commentary on how I think things are progressing.

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