Half Week Progress

I am just over half a week into attempting to get a handle on my weight and fitness. I have been eating better but snacking is still a bit of an issue with all of the tasty Christmas snacks around me. It isn’t my weigh in date yet and I am trying my best not to weigh myself obsessively so I don’t know how well I am doing yet. I am feeling better though and I hope that stands for something.

I mentioned before that I wasn’t going to be focusing on exercise until after I had my diet sorted out. I am sticking to this but I am trying to do a bit more walking and be a bit more active through the day generally. I will probably start to do more in the way of exercise by mid January.

This week hasn’t been the best week for me. There were a number of things that didn’t really go the way I wanted them to. Regardless of these set backs I managed not to completely derail my diet by binge eating. This is a huge thing for me because a big part of the reason I am the weight that I am is because of my tendency to binge eat. I just need to keep this up now.

This week I also started a Christmas writing project. I will be doing daily updates to this story on Wattpad over the festive period. You can view this here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/CereliaWolf

If you would like writing updates or support me, you can do that here: https://ko-fi.com/cereliawolf

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