Week 3 Summary – A Good Week

I feel like I did pretty well this week. I was able to run 6 days without any issues which meant that I could take 2 rest/recovery days. I am really happy with how well my body seems to be coping with running regularly, I am not worn out and I can feel myself getting fitter.

My total distance run this week is 32.4km this week, this is more than I need to do each week and means that I am now less than 0.5 miles under where I should be. I will easily have bought up by the end of this week.

I also this week started the process of increasing the distance on my Saturday run with a view of getting up to a half marathon distance within a couple of months. The run that I did this Saturday was 11.3km which is the longest run I have ever done.

I also managed to lose a bit of weight this week, only about 0.8lbs but that means that I have lost about 1.6lbs since the start of the year. This may seems small but when you bear in mind that I am not on a diet plan, I am not tracking calories and I am just eating when I am hungry I feel like this is rather good progress.

All things considered this week has been very positive, I am hoping that next week will follow pretty much the same pattern. The main thing that I will be working on next week is to eat a more nutritious breakfast, I will be trying to have overnight oats as this should be filling as well.

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