Snow and Vegan Treats

I have been running every day so far this week so I was due a rest day but when I saw the snow and ice this morning it made my mind up. With me being as clumsy as I am running in icy conditions like this is probably a bad idea. So far this week I have already done almost covered 16km so with a run tomorrow lunchtime and a long run on Saturday I will easily achieve my weekly target of 31km in the week.

So this lunchtime I decided to treat myself to lunch instead of going for my usual run. I tried out one of the new sandwiches which was launched at the start of the year, it was meant to imitate an all day breakfast but I thought it was better. I don’t like greasy or fatty food, mainly because I don’t like the way that it makes me feel after eating it. This sandwich tasted nice but didn’t make me feel yucky afterwards.

Between this, the sweets that I had after this and my tea of vegan friendly sausages and mash I haven’t had the most healthy of days food wise. I will just have to make sure to have a better day tomorrow.

The plan for tomorrow is to do an easy slow 5km run at lunchtime, I just hope that the weather is a bit better by then.

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