Long Run Day

Today is my usual long run day, my plan was that I would run for about 11km. However over the last day or so I have been feeling a bit of tightness in my knee. There isn’t really any pain to this but it is feeling a bit stiff when I move it and when I am walking.

For this reason I decided to limit my long run to 7km. This is still longer than a normal weekday run but not quite as much as I normally do on a weekend so it felt like a good compromise.

My plan is that this combined with my rest day tomorrow should mean that I can avoid this getting worse or turning into pain. I feel as though this is much more important than worrying about the  miles that I am missing today as if I do start to be in pain from this I will have to miss out on a lot more miles.

I think that the tightness I am getting is probably a side effect of ding a lot more exercise than I was before. I am sure that this sort of thing will go away as I get fitter. I just need my body to get used to the new level of exercise and remember to not try to push it too hard too quickly.

It is important for me to remember that only a a few short months ago I was doing no exercise at all and realise how far I have come. I am now exercising almost every day. I will get faster and fitter with practice, I just need to take it slow and steady.

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